As you enter our spacious lobby, relax a moment to enjoy its fine woodwork and rustic charm.
Take in the serene view of the 'naka-niwa' garden and koi pond.
Then, follow the passageway through the garden to your guest room.
Sit down on the tatami mat floor and let yourself unwind with a cup of tea as you enjoy the tranquil ambience of the room.
Open the shoji screens for views of your private garden. Feel free to change into the comfortable yukata robe. (Be warned that you may never want to change back to your Western-styled clothes again.)
Your experience here at Kamesei Ryokan will take you far away from the
stress and hustle of the outside world, and to a deep, soothing calm.





  • ロビー

  • 庭 園

  • 子供向けサービス

  • Geisha Show & Other
    Live Performances

    Originally built as an okiya (geisha house)
  • Lobby Piano

    Guests are welcome to play our upright piano. Can be used for lobby concerts -- please inquire if your group is interested in performing.
  • Water Cooler & Refrigerator

    Bath Entrance: Water and Mini-Museum
    A cold water cooler and a refrigerator for purchasing bottles of fresh milk and other drinks
  • Smoking Areas

    All guest rooms and public areas are no-smoking (including e-cigs)
  • Exploring the Onsen Town

    Wooden geta sandals are set out in the lobby and we encourage guests to wear them with their yukata robe and go for a stroll around town. Ask us at the front desk for a walking map and we will gladly give tips for where to explore.
  • Gift Shop

    Limited selection of local specialty products for sale. We also have a booklet of local shops and their goods in each room and will gladly arrange for them to deliver here so you can take a bit of Nagano with you.
  • Vending Corner

  • Brochures Stand

    Assortment of brochures from various places of interests and sites in Nagano.
    Need more info or have specific questions? We have a broad knowledge of places and activities throughout the prefecture.
  • Banquet & Meeting Rooms

    Our three banquet rooms can be configured into sizes varying from 12-tatami mat (perfect as a private dining room for a small group) to the 56-tatami mat large hall complete with a stage that can accommodate groups of 40-50 people. The medium room can be set up with tables and chairs for up to 35 people.
  • Fireplace

    Locally-made wood burning stove. Cozy up on one of the sofas by the fire.


  • 基本的なチェックインとチェックアウトは15:00~と~10:00
  • 門限がございません。
  • WiFiはロビーと各客室で提供しております。
  • 冷水器とローカル牛乳・飲み物売店があります。
  • 客室、ロビー、廊下の全部が禁煙。